Anything is possible! We offer substitutions and custom pockets and pocket sizes for special needs, please call or email us to find out more.  We make custom sized pockets for cell phones, radios, etc.  Have a specific pocket you need? Just ask.   Flight suit pockets and EMS pockets can be used on any suit we make.


The flight suit pockets have the zipper exposed for easier access.  The ems suit pockets have a flap over the zipper to protect the contents.  Mix and match to suit your needs.  See our order form for prices.  Want to swap flight suit breast pockets for ems suit breast pockets? No problem, we can give you what you want to make your suit just right for what you do.

Pockets PDF

flight suit  ems suit pocket descriptions




We make all of our own striping by using quality Grosgrain ribbon in a wide range of colors and widths. For reflective striping we add White or Silver Scotchlite in 1/2" to 2" sizes to the Grosgrain colors of your choice. Call for samples, we will be happy to help you in your selection.

You can stripe your suit on the arms, legs, ankles,  epaulets, back pleats, across shoulders or any other area of your suit. Call for a pricing quote and samples.

Striping PDF

striping sample pictures and styles

Pick your style of striping  to enhance your flight suit or ems suit from our suggestions below.  We will be happy to send you samples to help you choose.  Selections are not limited to the examples below.  Match your striping with your logo, striping colors are unlimited.

grosgrain ribbon pictures

Below are our most popular colors of grosgrain.  Combine with our 3M reflective scotchlite in silver or grey.  Call and we can send you samples.  Other colors are available.

Sleeve Options


Long sleeves with velcro cuff are our standard flight suit and ems suit cuff but we have any style you can imagine.  Choose zip-off sleeves, short sleeves, knit cuffs, roll-up sleeves or request a special cuff.




zip off sleeves ems suit
custom suit options

Zipper Options


Our standard Flight suit comes with front leg zippers for easy and fast access. The EMS suit has rear leg zippers. You can also choose to add inner ankle zippers to split the leg seams and allow access to your boot tops. Pocket zippers can be replaced with velcro and all men's suits have double acting front  zippers.  Want your pocket to zip on the side instead of the top? No problem, we will accomodate your needs.

We use all high quality YKK Zippers with a lifetime guarantee.


inner ankle zippers ems suit
custom suit boot length inner ankle zippers

Collar Options


The rounded collar is our standard option for our flight and ems suits. You can choose a pointy collar or a stand-up collar at no extra charge. Collars with an added velcro tab to hold them in place are available as well. All our Flight, EMS and Coveralls can be modified with special collars to suit your needs.

rounded collar stand up collar pointy collar pictures

Embroidery, Logos and Lettering


We do embroidery on your flight and ems suits at very affordable prices.  Email us your digital image and we will send you a quote.


We also offer 3M reflective silver lettering and logos.  Email us your digital image for your logo and we will send you a quote.  For lettering let us know what you would like and we will send you a quote.  The width between pleats is on average 11 inches wide for regular size suits.  Smaller suits can be 9 1/2 inches wide.  Logos can be scaled and different width logos ordered for larger and smaller suits.









Other  Options


Padded knees, pager tabs, special pockets, etc. You name it, we have made it, just ask for what you want.

custom ems suit padded knee picture