Custom Sizes


Custom Sizing

We have built our own database of sizing over the last 20 years and have our own sizing expertise, this offers you a perfect fit. We specialize in fitting the one-piece suit and the secret is in using the correct measurements and historical data that we have tweaked and built since Suits USA, Inc. was founded in 1993.  If we don't get it right the first time we will work with you to make it fit just the way you like it, at no extra charge. We have found that each individual is unique and we ask the right questions to find out if you like your suit, loose, tight, regular, its all up to you!

To get a perfect fit follow these directions:

Fill out our Sizing Form.

Be honest about your weight and measurements! Our sizing form is confidential. If you are dieting please don't adjust your weight for what you believe you will be in 4 to 6 weeks, wait until you lose the weight to do your sizing.

Use a cloth measuring tape (we will send you one by request).

Don't add to the measurement, we add some ease in our patterns.

Take the time to fill out each question.

DON'T USE YOUR PANT SIZE FOR YOUR WAIST MEASUREMENT! If your pant size is a 34x32 that DOES NOT MEAN YOUR WAIST IS A 34. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see. Take the time to measure, it only takes a few minutes. Complete information saves lots of time!

Avoid the time it takes for shipping back the suit and waiting for an alteration by measuring and answering all questions.

If you are outfitting a crew we recommend having the same person measure each crew member so that the measurements will be consistent.

Standard Sizing

Suits USA, Inc. recommends our custom fit but our standard sizes are available as well. Use our convenient sizing charts to select the size you want.  We DO NOT provide alterations for fit if you choose a standard size.

Mens Standard Size Chart

Ladies Standard Size Chart