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What’s a custom suit without custom options? Need a hip pocket? Expanding ankle pockets? Inner ankle zippers? How about a pass through? At Suits USA, Inc. we customize your suit to your needs and your requests to create a one-of-a-kind look for you and your team!


Collar Options


• Rounded (standard)


• Pointy (n/c)


• Stand-up (n/c)


Sleeve Options (Long sleeves standard)


• Knit Nomex cuffs – at the wrist, instead of usual Velcro ($7)


• Short sleeves (n/c)


• Zip-off sleeves ($30)

Zipper Options


• Inner ankle zippers – these split the leg seams and allow access to boot tops ($15)


• Double acting zipper 


Pocket Options


• Radio pocket ($12)


• Substitute radio pocket for left breast pocket (n/c)


• Pager tab ($7) • Omit front hands pockets (n/c)


• Add right arm pocket ($15)


• Move left arm pocket to right arm (n/c)


• Omit flap on flight suit left arm pocket (n/c)


• Swap breast pockets, EMS & flight suit (n/c)


• Swap thigh pockets, EMS & flightsuit (n/c)


• Omit flight suit left inner thigh pocket (n/c)


• Add EMS thigh pocket to EMT suit ($15)


• Substitute pleated EMS thigh pocket ($5)


• Substitute expanding ankle pocket ($5)


• Hip (wallet) pocket ($5)


• Hip (wallet) pocket w/ Velcro flap ($7)


Other Options


• Velcro epaulets (n/c)


• Move EMS leg zippers from back to front (n/c)


• Move flight suit leg zippers from back to front (n/c)


• Pass through – an opening, backed by fabric, to access blue jean pockets underneath your uniform ($15)


• Velcro patch/name-tag holder (n/c)


• Two – tone:  ¼ - ¾ ($65) , V-front ($65) , Diagonal ($65)


Striping Options (call for quote)


• Scotchlite – 3M’s reflective tape available in ½” and 1”, in silver or white


• Grosgrain – Non – reflective striping, available in an array of colors. Pair with Scotchlite to create reflective striping.

o Stripe location:

 Epaulets – down length or across width

 Arms – down arms (standard) or across wrists

 Legs – down legs (standard) or around ankles

 Back – across the back (standard) or down both action pleats

 Breast pockets – across the tops


And if what you want isn’t listed, don’t be afraid to ask, we specialize in suiting your needs!

Custom Suit Options

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