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Suits USA, Inc. makes it easy to order your custom suits.  Click the links below or call our customer service to get your personalized ordering process started and have all your questions answered.

Here is what you need to know to order suits.

1)  Style of your suit:  Do you want our one or two color suit?

2)  Type of fabric:  Do you need protective fire-resistant Nomex IIIA or do you want the non-fire-resistant poly/cotton?

3)  Colors: Click here for Nomex IIIA colors.  Poly/Cotton comes in many more color options than Nomex, call or email for fabric samples if needed.  

4)  Special pockets and options:  Click here for Options list.

5)  Striping:  Click here for Striping optionsCall or email for striping samples if needed.

6)  Embroidery and reflective lettering:  Email us a graphic of what you need and we will get you a quote.  Logos can also be done in 3M reflective silver lettering.  Email us the font for lettering or the graphic for your logo and we will send  you a quote.

7)  Sizing:  We offer our custom sizing included in your suit price.  To get the best fit fill out our Sizing form.  If you are outfitting a crew fill out one sizing form per crew member.  If you just want standard sizes use our size chart.  We recommend our custom sizing but we do have standard sizes.


NOTE:  If you are ordering for a crew and all the crew members will get the same suit with the same options you only need to fill out ONE ORDER FORM for your crew.  If you are ordering special options for each crew member you will need to fill out an order form for each crew member.

All of our suits are custom manufactured when ordered, we do not sell off the shelf ready made suits even if you order standard sizes.   Allow 4 weeks for delivery.  We do not accept returns or exchanges for custom manufactured suits but we are happy to work with you to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.   We alter your custom fit suit if you are not satisfied with the fit and work with you for your 100% satisfaction.  Click here for General Guarantee

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Why pay for “off the shelf” when you can design your own at the same price!

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